Flight Metaphor

by Flight Metaphor

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released November 21, 2015

Performed by Flight Metaphor (Bill Harvat, Mike Harvat, Bradley Tyler Moore, Cody Villarreal)
Music by Flight Metaphor
Lyrics by Mike Harvat
Recorded at Bailey Recording (facebook.com/baileyrecording)
Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering (focusmastering.com)
©2015 Flight Metaphor. Please support independent music.



all rights reserved


Flight Metaphor Omaha, Nebraska

Flight Metaphor of Omaha, Nebraska blends midwest-flavored rock and roll with powerful melodies and solid musicianship. Invigorated with new chemistry and vision, the band is furiously writing and rehearsing material for a full-length record. A preview of these songs will be available this summer on the forthcoming Redirection EP. ... more

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Track Name: Tunnel Vision
Focus in on whatever you want
It’s gone, it’s gone
Doesn’t matter what motive you’ve got
It’s gone, long gone

Oh, my eyes are stuck with tunnel vision
So short sighted, all of my decisions
So afraid unnecessarily
And I’m frozen to the bone

Dress it up however you want
You’re wrong, you’re wrong
Doesn’t matter what motive you’ve got
You’ll still be wrong, dead wrong

Just let your insides out
And step into the light
And burn away your eyes
And you’ll be given sight
Track Name: Let It Go
Oh, bitterness is in my bloodstream
It’s like I’ve got a disease
I’ll never let you off the hook
For what you did to me

If I’m to save my soul, I’ve gotta let it go
Before this monster eats me alive
If I’m to save my soul, I’ve gotta let it go

In anger I cry out for justice
Without regard for amends
I can’t show the grace which I require
To put this thing to bed

Before the setting sun, let’s get it over done
I need to make amends to survive
If I’m to save my soul, I’ve gotta let it go
Track Name: Hold Fast (feat. David Zach)
Hold fast, you’ve got to keep your feet planted
Dig in those heels
Sometimes it gets so hard to endure
But you’re not alone

Come on and face the light, give it another try
Give words to what your heart must sing
You never were alone, your life is not your own
Lean in to what the future brings

Focus, I think you’re getting distracted
Don’t lose your mind
Purpose is found in every moment
You’ll see in time
Open your eyes

Don’t walk away
Your story still remains unfinished
There’s more to say
Don’t cut it short, don’t rob yourself
There’s so much potential
Track Name: The Fight
Don’t look now, I missed the mark again
How could I let this happen?
I told myself never again

But this old man, he’s creeping up
And I’m not sure I’m strong enough
To ward him off, he’s powerful

And I know I said that I would change
But the more I try, the more I stay the same

I fought it off for as long as I could
And all this time I told myself I’d be good
But I’m so tired of fighting alone
I’ll never be strong enough on my own

But then you came along and you changed it all
You got me outside myself
And it’s wonderful surrendering

You change my outlook, redirect my heart
You give me a brand new start
You always do, and it’s beautiful

And this time, I know that I have changed
In my bones I know I’ll never be the same

So I’m giving in, but I’m not giving up
I’m laying it down for the one I love
Because I’ve found a reason to live
And you deserve everything that my heart can give
Track Name: Draw Your Lines
When the smoke trails stretch across the sky
In the hiding, we cannot forget
We are more than merely flesh and bone
We are body, mind, and spirit, all

There’s an ever-coming day
So much closer than before
When the borders that we draw
Are a distant afterthought

Draw your lines now, hope is biding time
Even hardened hearts can turn from stone
No one’s ever too far gone
Hope is singing her resilient song

And a highway in between
Bringing everyone to see
That we’ll finally live as one
Every daughter, every son
Track Name: Every Hidden Thing
Stuck in between material things
and the unseen
We play in the dark with complete disregard
for the sunrise

Burn it all away
Every hidden thing is set on fire
Step into the light
Expose the underside
And come out clean

Blood washes clean
Flame purifies every misdeed
Walk in the light
As he is in the light
Track Name: Echoes (feat. Charlie Lowell)
Somewhere in the corners of my wildest dreams
I hear your whispers and their lingerings
The echoes of your voice still calling me
Return to my first love
Remember what it was

Hope, she calls,
cutting through the noise
of every lie I once believed
Promising a reason
and a purpose for my days
And so I sing

There’s such a loneliness that sticks around
So many things that could have brought me down
But I’m not giving up, I’m not far from
Your saving arm’s reach
This broken heart still beats

(I still hear you; I still hear you, Lord)
Track Name: Redirection
Where did I go wrong?
I’m off the beaten path once again
I need a redirection
A tiny resurrection in my soul
‘Cause I get so distracted
I find myself attracted to what I
know will never pay off
But still, I always come back to it

Redirect my heart
Resurrect my soul

Give me better vision
Help me see what matters in this life
‘Cause there is no division
Between the so-called sacred and profane
I need to learn to let go
But man, I’m used to holding on so tight
When everything is changing
But you have never left me to myself

And I know that every empty feeling passes
In time you’ll do your healing
And I’ve put my hope in who I know is steadfast
Track Name: You're There
When I’m surrounded by friends, you’re there
When I’m alone in my bed, you’re there
Through the night and the day
When asleep or awake
I will not be afraid, ‘cause you’re there

Oh, you’re everywhere
And you’ve made my heart your home
Yeah, you’re always there
And I will never be alone

When I’ve figured it out, you’re there
When I’m scared by my doubts, you’re there
When the world’s crashing down
And there’s no one around
Still your mercy abounds, ‘cause you’re there
Track Name: Heaven Is My Home
Fear, it means nothing to the one who is most assured of
a life everlasting; there’s nothing to be afraid of

Heaven is calling, this time I intend to answer
I don’t belong here; I yearn for the day I’ll be there

‘Cause I know that heaven is my home
And my hope is in your love alone

It’s so ironic that death is arbitrary
When life everlasting makes our endings so necessary
Track Name: Heavy Soul
When you awoke, you were barely breathing
We found you just in time
Sometimes it takes a drastic measure
To turn a heavy soul

I held your hand and whispered words of hope
But I confess that I could not have known

The light it pierced your vision sharply
Couldn’t make out my face
Your pulse with time was beating stronger
Warmth to your fingertips

Don’t give up, it’s all ahead of you
Just hear my voice and know I speak the truth

Alive again, you almost slipped away
To save your life, I’d give anything